a hollow cube morphing into a hollow diamond

a picrew by makowka, showing a smiling person with light skin, brown hair, and moon-and-star earrings.Do you like picrews? I've catalogued the inclusivity options of dozens, aiming to help people with less represented traits find ones that work for them.
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a sphere growing and retracting colorful protrusions.

pixel art of a cat's head. the cat is black and white, with damaged ears and slightly angry looking eyes.memorial to my cat Patch


this is an anti-NFT sitegoodnight
believe in the power of friendshipy2k
i am made of stardust

welcome to the website of jasper telnaga!

a shifty wizard

I'm Jasper (or Jazz), an artist in my 20s in america. I'm chronically ill, so I'm approaching everything sideways, slowly and irregular. I made this site to have a place to look on and share my accomplishments. Like the things it was made to hold, a low-poly seagullit will be built slowly and in pieces. Check back whenever to see what's changed!

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what's new

5/15/24: 5/11/24: 4/22/24: 4/17/24:
  • added a sharable button for Calderan Caravan
  • due to using them for bg imgs on Moderneopets, i'm working on cropping (expanding?) many tones to tile without any necessary edits
  • workin on my site in files rather than neocities directly. this is helping me 1. edit and experiment without clogging the feed 2. learn better practices and clean things up, bc neocities makes a lot of allowances i shouldn't necessarily depend on in my code! it's mostly involving in-site links. this is another thing that'll be a lot of work to get universal but once it is it will save me a lot of trouble going forward (heart)
  • added a planned updates section!
  • added a page for verifiable, a webcomic strip ive been making with random images i have saved
  • made a cute little site button for about time, will probably make one for CC soon
  • went through everything to change the menu bars again. I made hub/index pages for each category, and aside from this main index page here, every page's menu just links to these index pages. otherwise every time I add stuff to the site, I'll have to edit every menu bar again! but this way I can just edit the category indexes and this page.
  • so yeah, to repeat, I made index pages for everything! comics and misc are new, art and writing have been changed a bit.
  • did in fact add a lot of alt text to stuff! not completely done, but a lot of the main site has alt ids now
  • revamped the about time layouts to be mobile compatible! since the later style is very screentone-dependent i had to forego resizing at all; they scroll instead. calderan caravan uses tones too but the shapes and styles just end up being a lot more readable when scaled
  • put nice fonts in! might do the same with the comic themes.
3/14/24: 3/13/24:
  • made a site button! it lives on the guestbook page, which I will also hopefully fill with cool sites (there's one already you should check out!)
  • added two picrews: bright's picrew hell and potatolord's persona creator
  • uploaded three new songs to my bandcamp go check em out
  • put the top menu buttons almost everywhere :)
  • overhauled the top nav bar! buttons are now dropdowns, they also work on mobile. i'll be trying to add this nav par to other pages across the site
oh baby!
  • overhauled pmd comic, named it Calderan Caravan, gave it a spiffy layout and such. made it all nice and readable on mobile too. need to do this for about time as well
  • added new stuff to the art gallery, and smoothed out the edges of the layouts there (both galleries -grouped entries look better, and it’s all mobile compatible now!)
  • have quite a few things in the works, mostly housekeeping and shuffling, making things make a bit more sense (but still genuine and weird)
  • i also want to start putting up the main writing project i’ve been working on. it’s about a girl, marked as a bad omen, running away from her home island to explore the skies with a dragonbird. im planning on uploading it as a serial, with an illustration for each chapter. :)
  • added new art to current gallery :)
  • added links to every image on both galleries, so viewing fullsize is clicking instead of opening in a new tab
  • made resized thumbnails for any gallery images 800px or over, so the gallery pages will use less bandwith!
  • new untitled PMD comic page (i really need to come up with a title for it lol), replaced all pmd comic disqus sections with html comment box
  • uploaded two new (old) songs to my bandcamp
9/10/23: 9/7/23: 9/5/23: 8/30/23:
  • added to screentones page: a simple range of 19 tones
  • added retroactive links to news
picrew page updates:
  • fixed makowka 2 link
  • recategorized weight/body options
  • added five new ones: wervty's chime picrew, wervty's character maker, wervty's murmur chara creator, wervty's windswept maker, and creador de personajes
  • made a new /art/index that conglomerates all the stuff i consider art that i make (galleries, comics, writing, screentones, music)
  • new pmd comic page :)


planned updates

  • make smaller thumbnails (300x300?) for every gallery image over 600px?
  • add pages for hanem, tes ocs, shatterstar, & layman's guide
  • make a backgrounds art page
  • make a fonts misc page
  • make a shrine for morrowind, & pmd
  • make a page for sharing books, & itch games, & shows/movies
  • make something fun, like a fake nature article
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what I've got

I'm working on a lot of different stuff all the time!
If anything doesn't have a link, that means I'm working on putting it up.

I learned how to code as a kid on neopets, but you can learn to code HTML at any time.
check out w3 schools and bogleech's website ingredients to get started making your own independent piece of the internet.
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