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Patch was a wonderful cat that I had known since she was born, and that spent many years being a dear companion and friend to me. i always felt we mirrored each other; that she was like my familiar. her passing changed my life drastically, but her life did as well, and she will always live on in me and in everyone else that knew her - she shone so brightly and brought out so much love in people. she was one of a kind and i hope learning about her will bring some happiness to you today.

about patch

Patch was black and white (with little flecks of white in the black patches), short haired, and had very pale green eyes. She would've been a small cat if she weren't so rotund. Her head looked too small for her body, just enough to be funny. Her facial features were like a weird old lady. Her chin was small, yet bulbous, and we often complimented her on her "grandma chin". One ear had its tip cut off, the other had a notched scar. She had exactly one tooth. the absolute most notable feature about her was her voice. she was Very vocal, a chatterbox who would respond to anything you said to her and, if she liked you, start purring the moment you entered the room - but her meow had the gravel of a chain smoking gas station waitress, bordering more on a bizarre bird call than a meow, and her purr sounded like flooding a car's engine and could get just as loud. she would get so Into purring that she would even backfire, coughing on how hard her vocal chords were working.

Patch was very laid back, an old soul from the start. The most she would ever play with anything would be going wide-eyed watching a string move, and perhaps lifting a paw in its direction, then putting it back down. But she was also a baby at heart; she preferred to spend as much time on a lap as possible, or in one of her other favorite person-related spots: under the computer chair inside a blanket, on your chest as you try to sleep, on your butt when you're trying to do yoga, or crawling into the neck of your sweater or into your sweatshirt pocket. I would often carry her around in the sweatshirt pocket. She loved it.

she was very oblivious, and yet I felt she understood me deeply. If I asked her to do something, she would do it, and if I sounded in distress while around her, she would climb onto me (all claws in clothing, no jumping) and start biting my face with her one tooth, some bizarre method of trying to bring me back that usually worked. but otherwise she was extremely chill. I could carry her around the house with me. oftentimes I would bring her with us to drive-throughs, where she laid in my lap (passenger seat). I would bring her outside with me to sit and enjoy some fresh air for a bit, and she would move Maybe a total of five feet. she loved to lay in the sun.

I'm not sure she hissed once in the time she lived with me, and not on the street. when she lived with decently sociable animals, she was lovey toward them. she never started fights, and made friends easily. she was really a very sweet girl.