★ everything else ★


digital art of a little creature with long antennae receiving tech support from a creature shaped like a computer cursor. guestbook + linkback button!


a picrew image of a person with light skin, short hair, and moon-and-star earrings. a catalogue of dozens of picrews and their inclusivity options - skin tones, hair types, skin conditions, head coverings, body sizes, etc. aiming to help people with less represented physical traits find picrews that work for them :-)


pixel artwork of the head of a scruffy, black and white cat with damaged ears. a memorial to my cat and best friend, Patch


a square with text reading 'star wild'. i make little songs on beepbox! you can listen to them here though ideally soon I will move them somewhere else

some smaller stuff

a digital pixel drawing of an alien-ish statue with wings, tendrils, and a wide head.
a lot of little bits of advice for everyday life, compiled because i spend a lot of time trying to figure out what works and is consistently viable in a sea of corporate-driven misinformation