Calderan Caravan
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page 1, 6/28/22

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page 3, 3/8/23

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a map of the island. biomes and points of interest are marked.


a group of pokemon are traveling to a far-flung, mystic locale. each has their own motivation for doing so, but they walk together to the ends of the earth.


a digital pixel landscape drawing of ruins at the bottom of the ocean. in the foreground are corals, seaweed, and vine-like structures. in the midground is ruins, with coral growing on the walls. in the background, tall columns of coral grow, inseparable from an arced bridge and two dark entryways.
ebon abyss, 5/23
a digital pixel drawing of ancient technological ruins in grasslands. moss grows on the ruined machinery, and glowing lines make a symbol on the floor. tall buildings rise in the background.
ancient ruin, 11/22
a digital pixel drawing of an underwater landscape. the foreground has a circle of short corals, the background is giant towering corals flanking a ruined structure containing a mirror, and light filters in from the surface far above.
ancient ocean, 10/22

snow temple, 3/22
a digital drawing of a path through clouded, misty woods. pillars of earth rise on either side, and layers of trees and foliage twist along the sides of the path.
clouded wood, 2/22
a digital pixel drawing of rolling hills beneath a starry night sky. the hills are studded with grasses, flowers, and what seem to be fallen cartoony stars and moons.
moon garden, 2/22