★ comics ★

About Time

a logo for About Time. the text is in front of a purple ribbon and a black baseball bat. A webcomic about an antisocial girl who meets a weird dog and gains magic powers to fight against an otherworldly force.
updates every few months

Calderan Caravan

a logo for Calderan Caravan. the title is on a simple backdrop patterned like road lines on a map. A webcomic inspired by pokemon mystery dungeon, about a group of pokemon on a journey across their island.
updates every few months


a panel from VERIFIABLE. the title is in the top left. in the panel, a jpeg-artifacted Goku is saying 'when I was a kid, I was told nothing was worth doing unless you did it perfect.' A webcomic made with random images I have saved. you can also see them on cohost or tumblr.
new ones whenever