an image of commission examples. an orange anthro fox, a purple anthro lion, a vague figure in eastern-style armor wearing a horse skull, a red swordsperson with fiery hair, and a robed man with a long braid imitating a pose from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • $20 USD
  • anthros, robots, humanoids, animals, creatures, dragons, whatever
  • +$5 per extra character
  • not interested in drawing moderate or above gore
  • somewhat inexperienced in but willing to draw nudity
  • i have a lot of experience making telegram stickers, so lmk if that's something you're interested in!
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  • these are just little creatures up for purchase. give em a home :)
  • $8 each
  • i'm always making more, so check back
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a sturdy & docile insect, widely cultivated by scrubland farmers.

a number of discarded items have become this creature. or did it choose to resemble them?

seems to have been made for a purpose. they can be found inhabiting and protecting dungeons, ruins, and vaults.

these intelligent creatures concentrate their passion into things like skateboarding, music, and fashion. beyond that, they have a hard time caring.