About Time is a webcomic about an antisocial girl meeting a strange dog and gaining magic powers.

Updates every few months. Thanks for reading!



Chapter 1

page 001: 9:30am
page 002: would you like AMM or FMM
page 003: pupy
page 004: weird assumption, Ayani
page 005: static
page 006: instead of being 2 solid minutes it's 1 solid page
page 007: who's your stylist
page 008: pupy protection
page 009: shut up
page 010: it was probably abandoned it's fine
page 011: the power of sparkle
page 012: duckin out
page 013: can i crash at your place
page 014: cathedral
page 015: chide
page 016: "i got beat by a kid"
page 017: it'll be funny
page 018: power level sparkle
page 019: those are the rules
page 020: ...
page 021: comic over
page 022: all wrapped up
page 023: this is the future communists want
page 024: minor fates

Chapter 2

page 025: whats up
page 026: touch grass
page 027: my god. bees
page 028: save the bees. bite a kid
page 029: let's goooooooo
page 030: team spirit
page 031: a storied past
page 032: the fun kind of weird
page 033: yummy power

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