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hello I am Jazz. I am a white nonbinary person in my 20s in america. i love water and flowers and seagulls and colors and stars and stories. i have fibromyalgia and have been dealing with the chronic pain and fatigue from that since adolescence. disability shapes my desires and capabilities. im working on valuing my art on criteria other than "potential for monetary gain" and "how it compares to other artists works". i am me and money shouldn't exist in the first place the first website i ever went on was neopets and i learned html there. it also inspired me to start writing and drawing. i owe a lot to it 💛
i spent most of my childhood dissociating via daydreaming about my hyperfixations. i did this so much i burned out and now i dont think abt anything for long enough my home is very far away and very different than i remember. ive been adrift for years and will likely continue to be so. my context in the world is mostly gone and i face the day as only myself my best friend for over a decade of my early life was my cat patch. she lives on in me